Davy Laboratories

Equipment Rental

If you’re looking for specialized equipment for a short-term project (i.e. sampling a monitoring well, conducting pretreatment evaluations, etc.), we’ve got you covered:  Davy Laboratories offers equipment rental at an economical price.

For your convenience, we offer rental rates by the day, week, or month.  Another bonus:  our rates are typically less than those offered by equipment rental companies.  Why?  Because our equipment is provided by our regular Davy Laboratories clients.

In addition to equipment rental, we also provide training, equipment installation and sample collection.

Equipment available to rent includes:

  • Hach Test Kits/Meters (Chlorine, Iron, Etc.)
  • Brainard-Kilman Pump System
  • Eckman Dredge
  • Flow Proportional Pump
  • Grab Sampler
  • Sludge Judge
  • ISCO Samplers
  • ISCO Flow Meter (Bubble)
  • Petersen Dredge
  • pH Meters and Probes
  • YSI Dissolved Oxygen Meters and Probes
  • YSI Conductivity Meter and Probe
  • Pigmy Meter
  • Bailers, Teflon and PVC
  • Solonist Water Level Indicator
  • Grundfos Redi-flo Pump/Controller
  • Generator