Davy Laboratories

Eddie Clark

Eddie Clark works at Davy Laboratories as the Supervisor of the Sample Control and Receiving Department. He has 11+ years of experience in sample control and receiving, including sample bottle preparation, sample preservation, shipping of sample kits, sample preparation (i.e. filtering, pH checks, etc), and sample receipt.

Eddie’s reputation precedes him, notably due to his knowledge, dedication, and experience working with water and wastewater samples. Eddie has extensive knowledge of computers and is highly proficient using the laboratory information management system (LIMS), as used by Davy Laboratories to log, assign analysis, and determine delivery of samples to the correct analytical department.

In addition to his supervisory duties, Eddie assists in sample collection, sample kit delivery, and pick-up.  He works with various shipping carriers to ensure on-time delivery of sample kits to their destinations, as well as their return to the laboratory within sample holding time.

Eddie earned his high school degree from Logan High School in La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1998. Eddie lives in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Despite his busy career as the supervisor of the Sample Control and Receiving Department, Eddie makes time to work on and display vintage cars at MOPAR events.