Davy Laboratories

Julie Klimek

Julie Klimek works at Davy Laboratories as the Quality Assurance-Quality Control (QA/QC) Coordinator.  Previously Supervisor of the Inorganic Metals Department, she has over 20 years of experience in the field of metals chemistry at Davy Laboratories, including sample preparation and analysis.  Julie coordinated all analytical analysis through the use of various instrumentation including inductively coupled plasma (ICP), flame atomic absorption (FAA), and gas furnace atomic absorption (GFAA).  As QA/QC Coordinator, she reviews all aspects of quality control associated with laboratory analyses. She verifies analytical data and rejects data that doesn’t meet the defined laboratory criteria (dependent on the analytical method).

Prior to coming to Davy Laboratories in 1992, Julie worked for 5 years at Dairyland Laboratories in Arcadia, Wisconsin as a water lab technician. Julie’s reputation precedes her, notably due to her attention to detail, analysis skills, knowledge, dedication, common sense, and experience.

In addition to her supervisory duties, Julie provides support to the safety officer and trainer for Davy Laboratories regarding safe laboratory practices and chemical safety.

Julie earned her high school degree at Arcadia High School. She has also attended a number of training programs offered by the instrument manufacturers’ in support of the instruments used by the Metals Department.  Julie lives in Holmen, Wisconsin with her husband Mike. They have one daughter and one son.