Davy Laboratories

Mark Harris

Mark Harris works at Davy Laboratories as the Assistant Supervisor of the Sample Control and Receiving Department. He has over 10 years of experience beginning in the field of inorganic wet chemistry, along with involvement in field sampling, as a student intern.  Mark now spends the majority of his time in Sample Control and Receiving.

Mark is very dedicated and has been notable in his attention to detail, laboratory analysis skills and knowledge, dedication, and experience.

In addition to his sample control and receiving duties, Mark is one of the leads in our sample collection crew. He is involved in working with computers used in field sampling and in maintenance of field sampling equipment.

Additional duties include: supporting the Inorganic Wet Chemistry Department as an analyst (filling in for hours not covered by student interns) and helping train new students in the Inorganic Wet Chemistry Department, especially on biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) analysis.

Mark studied at Viterbo University for three years with an emphasis in history and marketing. He then completed a two-year degree in business management from Western Wisconsin Technical College in 2011. Mark lives in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Despite his busy career as an assistant supervisor in the Sample Control and Receiving Department, as well as his other duties, Mark makes time to be involved with coaching girls’ tennis at Aquinas High School. He also enjoys hunting and fishing.