Davy Laboratories

Stephanie Tollefson

Stephanie Tollefson works at Davy Laboratories as the Supervisor of the Microbiology Department. She has over 15 years of lab experience beginning in the field of inorganic wet chemistry and then microbiology, including sample preparation and analysis. Stephanie coordinates and/or conducts all microbiological analyses on water and wastewater samples. Additionally, Stephanie conducts food microbiological analyses and tracks client monitoring history for compliance purposes.

Stephanie’s reputation precedes her, notably due to her attention to detail, extensive analysis skills and knowledge, dedication, and experience.  Stephanie is highly proficient working within the laboratory information management system (LIMS) used by Davy Laboratories to track, enter, and document microbiological data.

In addition to her supervisory duties, Stephanie is instrumental in maintaining certifications for the microbiology department and is involved in all audit surveys by various state agencies.

Stephanie earned her BS degree from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a major in microbiology and a minor in chemistry in 1994.  Stephanie lives in Bangor, Wisconsin with her husband Chad.

Despite her busy career as a Microbiologist, Stephanie makes time to be involved with community organizations and voluntary functions with the Bangor/Burns volunteer fire department.