About Us

Davy Laboratories, a division of Davy Engineering Co., Inc., is a full-service environmental laboratory serving communities, industries, and the private sector with a variety of personalized and customized services necessary to address urgent, as well as long-term, environmental concerns. Our dedicated team of chemists, biologists, hydro-geologists, and engineers provide an interactive array of confidential lab services.


Founded in 1975, today Davy Laboratories operates to provide comprehensive analysis of water, wastewater, soil, sludge, and air for governmental entities, as well as agricultural, industrial, business, and private parties.

Committed to Serve

In this rapidly changing environment, we strive to meet two core goals for our clients: one, to be extremely responsive in meeting short-term needs, while, two, establishing and maintaining long-term and fruitful relationships. The team effort of our laboratory is geared toward meeting our clients’ overall needs. This is accomplished through knowledge, communication, and understanding between both parties, as well as our commitment to consistent service, quality, honesty, and integrity. Our sincere hope is that our clients will come to trust that their needs are being met, with both confidentiality and respect. Davy Laboratories, in conjunction with Davy Engineering Co., is capable of providing additional expertise and solutions to your environmental problems.

State Certifications

With certification in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa, Davy Laboratories is accredited in the areas of inorganic wet chemistry, inorganic metals, organic analysis, and microbiological analysis. (Varies by State)

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